Meaning of Ojodu

“Ojo” in Yoruba is “Rain” and rain connotes nature and her recycling, purifying and versatile harmonious properties. In Yoruba culture, “Du” is “Duu” which means to defend and “Du” is defence.

Living up to the name, the indigenous (and the grassroots) of this small part of Lagos, Nigeria have always wanted to thrive in their natural environment. The grassroot dread pollution like the plague.

We at grassroots strive for clean and evergreen Ojodu to be a shining example and act as a template for other grassroots of the world to follow, especially Africa and other developing parts of the world.

Ojodu is a small part of Ikeja, a highly developed area of Lagos. They share border with Ogun State and there is a discharge canal (carrying plastic and all sorts of waste) that links Ojodu to the Alagbole area of Ojodu axis where this waste is deposited. Frequent cleaning is required to avoid spillover. However, this region attracts mosquitos making its residents, including children, highly susceptible to various kinds of diseases such as malaria, typhoid, cholera, etc.

Research shows that children born in Ojodu have higher percentage of sickle cell diseases compared to people of other West-African descent.


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"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together"

Vincent Van Gogh

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